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Wedding Video Galway

Wedding Videography Packages

You will often hear that married couples’ number one regret is not hiring a wedding videographer. Don’t let this be you!

Your wedding day will likely be the best day of your life – but it is also fast-paced, hectic, and full of adrenaline.  Once this long hour whirlwind is over, all you are going to want to do is figure out how to relive it all. Since time-machines don’t exist, video is your next best bet. 

But why invest in a professional?  Because you probably aren’t going to watch 6 hours of dark, dull camcorder footage taken by a relative more than once.  Days To Remember is here to tell your love story in an artfully edited way that you, and your family, will cherish for a lifetime.  Plus, we still give you the raw footage of all important moments so you can still look back on those. Choose from our two wedding videography packages – both very popular depending on your budget!  All footage is delivered digitally.


Wedding Videography Packages in Ireland


We suggest giving yourself plenty of time to find the right wedding videography vendor for you, plus an experienced team in Ireland you enjoy working with! Begin looking for your Ireland wedding videography months before your wedding. If you haven’t started yet, no worries!


Our team at Days To Remember can help make a choice that fits your style and aesthetic while making sure you’re taken care of. From the pre-wedding to wedding ceremony, to your packed wedding day dance floor, our videography team at Days To Remember will cover it all! You can trust us that there is nothing quite like rewatching one of the best days of your life, and booking wedding videography is a choice you won’t regret!


Let us take care of the details for your momentous day. Give us a call now!